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Help Our Veterans

The VSO and staff identified 4 key areas of service gaps

1)Access to Home Health or Adult Day Care- with 70% of our Veterans over the age of 65, many are facing medical needs.  The prevalence of relative care givers is increasing and is not always the most optimal for the Veteran's specific medical needs.  An "Adult Health Care Program" is not available in Citrus County.

2)Financial Literacy Training- Many Veterans applying for assistance struggle to manage household budgets and are in need of training in this area.  Those Veterans under the age of 62 are not yet eligible for SSI and many face income struggles.

3)Access to Legal Aide- Pro Bono Legal Services through traditional Legal Aide Non-Profits are hard to access with long waiting lists.  The VSO would like to access a group of local attorneys who would be willing to take on a limited number of Pro Bono cases, representing local Veterans.

4)Affordable Home Repairs- Veterans who face financial and physical challenges are often in need of home repairs or retro-fitting for handicaps.  These can be costly and require extensive orchestration to complete.

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