Celebration of Excellence Awards

When your campaign wraps up, be sure to enter United Way of Citrus County’s Celebration of Excellence Awards.  Celebration of Excellence recognizes top-performers among organizations running United Way campaigns.  The awards are given based on exemplary campaign strategies, performance, tactics and initiatives.  Organizations may choose to submit applications for any or all awards.

Award of Excellence – Corporate Award & Agency Award
The Award of Excellence, the event’s highest honor, will be awarded to a company and an agency in recognition of their overall achievement in the organizational philanthropic efforts.  The Recipients of this award embrace best practices; educate employees year-round through group meetings, events and volunteer opportunities; and promote leadership giving.

Best New Campaign – Corporate Award & Agency Award
This award recognizes two new campaigns, a company and an agency, that have run their first workplace campaigns this year.  They have incorporated model campaign strategies and have made United Way a part of their organizational cultures.

Engaged Leadership Team
The engaged Leadership Team award acknowledges the company CEO and management team who went above and beyond in their workplace campaign.

Innovative Campaign Committee
This award recognizes the accomplishments of the most innovative and creative workplace campaigns.

Employee Education
This is awarded to an organization that educates employees on the work of United Way and provides information on how employees can donate.  Typically, the recipient holds group meetings direct report meetings to education the direct reports of the organization’s CEO and posts information on its website or in emails and newsletters.  Other examples of employee education include kick off events, campaign publicity and year-round education.

Leadership Giving
This award goes to an organization that promotes United Way affinity groups and Leaders Circle.  Typically, the recipient has a ‘Leadership Giving Ambassador or someone designated to promote UWCO affinity groups, and the organization has a high percentage of Leadership Giving donors.

Employee Volunteerism
This is awarded to an organization that provides year-round opportunities for employees to volunteer in the community.  Typically, the recipient has employees who sit on United Way boards and committees, and the organization participates in Community Care Day or has their own volunteer day(s).

President’s Award
The President’s Award, selected by United Way’s President and CEO, goes to an exemplary campaign that went above and beyond in its support.

Please call us at United Way at 352-795-3149 about your application or visit www.citrusunitedway.org after December 1, 2013 to download entry forms.  Applications must be submitted no later than January 3, 2014.  We will announce winners and celebrate with a festive event in early February, 2014, stay tuned for details!